Regime Magazine Thursday Madness

THURSDAY SHENANIGANS: This Thursday, 13th December, the Regime Magazine editors will be down at the Perth Cultural Centre between 10am and 2pm flogging copies of Regime 01 (if we don’t get a move on notice). The magazine is usually $15 a copy, but if you come and whisper the password ‘John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester’, you can have it for $10!

So come down and grab a copy…You can find us in the area between the Library, Museum and the Art Gallery. If someone in uniform gets upset, we’ll be in the PICA bar.

CHANGES TO THE SUBMISSION ENGINE: Submissions for the second edition of Regime Magazine have now closed. But if you’ve been a slacker, don’t worry because we are immediately open for submissions to Regime 03. You can drop off your submissions at our submissions website here:

However, beware: we have introduced a $2 fee for each submission of one short story or five poems. We hope this will cover the cost of offering hopeful contributors the ability to submit online.

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