Regime Magazine Oz Tour 2012

Regime Magazine is hitting the road

Regime Magazine is coming to Sydney and Melbourne next week. Regime Books Editors Nathan Hondros and Damon Lockwood will be beating the drum for our western literature venture by talking to as many fellow travellers in the east as we can; in fact, if you’re free in Sydney on 24th November, or Melbourne on 25th November, you’ll find them drinking themselves to beatification in the Pubs of the East.

They’ll be personally taking submissions for Regime 02 and talking literature and nonsense to all comers:

Sydney, 5pm onwards, 24 November 2012
Friend in Hand Pub
58 Cowper Street, Glebe

Melbourne, 8.30pm, 25 November 2012
Town Hall Hotel
33 Errol Street, North Melbourne

And…if you buy a copy of Regime 01 from us for only $15, we’ll throw in a beer! How’s that for a deal?

Submission Deadlines Extended

The dream of a new edition of Regime by the end of the year is now gone, dear friends. But there is good news. This means that you have more time to drop your subs for Regime 02. Please visit our submissions machine here: Also, you can mail submissions to the office.

Our submissions engine is now always open, but we’ll only consider submissions we receive before Sunday, 9 December 2012 for Regime 02.

The Editors.

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