Regime de Vivre Poetry Prize 2013

Regime de Vivre Poetry Prize 2013 Winners Announced

It is our pleasure to announce that the Regime de Vivre Poetry Prize 2013 has been won by Sydney poet Fleur Beaupert for her fearless poem of prostitution and perversion ‘I’m Almost Addicted’. It’s a tight work that nails the spirit of the prize and is top shelf writing to boot. Not only is Fleur’s poem unafraid of the depths, it pushes itself into the heights.

Hot on Fleur’s heels were our two runners-up, with nothing between them: Jude Bridge with her poem ‘The Trip’ and Graeme Butler with a filthy untitled poem. Both well written, both deserving.

These three winsome and grubby little gems came out on top of almost forty other poems entered by poets from around the globe.

And don’t forget you can find all our winners in Regime 03, sometime in the near future.

Congratulations to our prize winners and thanks to everyone who entered.

Now please read the Judges’ Report here.

30 April 2013


About the Regime de Vivre Poetry Prize 2013

We at Regime Books would like to set the poets of the world an interesting challenge. The Regime de Vivre Poetry Prize 2013 will be awarded to the poem that the judges consider has best reflected the spirit of the prize itself.

To understand the spirit of the prize, we hand you the following clues, which if properly pursued will reveal everything you need to know:

  1. The title of the prize is in itself a clue; and
  2. A maxim attributed by Samuel Beckett to Sébastien Chamfort, but which may be a fragment from Blaise Pascal: ‘Que le coeur de l’homme est creux et plein d’ordure’*.

In addition to a warm inner glow (or a sense of existential emptiness, as the case may be), the winner shall be awarded US$200 and be published in the third edition of Regime Magazine. Two runners-up will be awarded US$50, along with publication.

Poems must be less than 30 lines in length and unpublished. A non-refundable entry fee of US$10 is to be levied. Entries will not be considered from those directly associated with Regime Books or Regime Magazine. Any money raised above the amount of the cash prize will be used to help with the publishing costs of Regime Magazine. No correspondence will be entered into and the judges’ decision will be final.

Deadline for entries is strictly Midnight EST, 31 March 2013. The winners will be announced by 30 April 2013.

Entries will only be accepted online at:

Download the flyer.

Confused? More info here.

* Thanks to good friend of Regime Books, poet Harry Calhoun, who did the research we couldn’t. The phrase ‘Que le coeur de l’homme est creux et plein d’ordure’ appears in Pascal’s Pensées #143. A handy translation is, ‘How hollow and full of ribaldry is the heart of man!’ You can read more about Harry Calhoun on his website.

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