Regime 01

Magazine of New Writing


The first edition of the Regime Magazine has been summoned into reality by the Regime Books collective of writers, editors and publishers. Our objective is to print the best writing we can get our filthy hands on. Even though Regime Books lives in Western Australia, our ambition is much broader; don’t be surprised when our magazine turns out to be the best in the universe.

Regime 01 is full to the brim with new talent and old masters. We have new poems by Andrew Burke, Amanda Joy, Peter Jeffery and Richard James Allen. New short stories by Ari Mattes, Damon Lockwood, Petri Ivalo Sinda and Kailash Srinivasan. Screenplay for short and terrifying vampire film by Ruth Stubbings.

Read a review of Regime 01 at artsHub.

Every copy of Regime 01 comes packed with the work of the authors and writers listed below.



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