Regime 04

Regime Magazine of New Writing

The latest issue of the world’s most frivolous serious literary magazine. Poems by Andrew Burke, Robbie Coburn, Carly-Jay Metcalfe, Stuart Barnes, Helga Jermy, Roland Leach, Geoff Page, Mark Roberts, Michele Seminara and many, many more. Short stories by Danielle Spinks, Stephen Pollock, Libbie Chellew, Deborah Sheldon and Christopher Konrad. Cover for Regime 04 by the groundbreaking WA artist Jacqueline Ball.

Regime 03

Regime 03

Regime Magazine of New Writing

Featuring new work by WA’s own Andrew Taylor, Gail Willems, Roland Leach, Shey Marque, Andrew Burke, Christopher Konrad, Peter Jeffery, Ian Nichols, Jude Bridge, Shane McCauley and many, many more. East coast and international writers including Les Wicks, Rosalee Kiely, Robbie Coburn, Mark Roberts, Carly-Jay Metcalfe, Petri Ivalo Sinda and Serje Jones. Extended interview with the wonderful Melissa Harpley, the Art Gallery of WA’s Historical Curator, about the importance of Guy Grey-Smith.



Poems by Chris Palazzolo

Unhoused is the first collection of poetry by West Australian poet Chris Palazzolo. Strange, beautiful and inventive, these thirty seven poems have been a work in progress for more than two decades and tear apart the concept of artistic alienation, in which the familiar streets and houses become extraordinary through the poet’s eyes.



Regime 02

Regime 02

Regime Magazine of New Writing

The Second Edition of Regime Magazine is an impressive collection of poetry, fiction and performance writing that is Australian in essence, but international in outlook. New work by Australian writers such as Geoff Page, Ryan O’Neill, Shane McCauley, Kate Middleton, Andrew Burke and Roland Leach (and so many others), and international voices such as Frederick Pollack, Karla Linn Merrifield, Paul Fauteux and Jonathan Greenhause.



Man and Beast

By Nathan Hondros & Damon Lockwood

Man and Beast brings together two of Australia’s best new writers, with a powerful and brutally honest study of the extremities of the human condition. From the commonplace to the erotic to the insane, Nathan Hondros and Damon Lockwood rifle through lives that could be our own and pull out nothing but the extraordinary.



Regime 01

Magazine of New Writing

The first edition of the Regime Magazine has been summoned into reality by the Regime Books collective of writers, editors and publishers. Our objective is to print the best writing we can get our filthy hands on. Even though Regime Books lives in Western Australia, our ambition is much broader; don’t be surprised when our magazine turns out to be the best in the universe.

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